BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator


Estimates the likely deductions available to claim on any existing or prospective investment property, allowing users to easily project their after tax cash flow.

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Calculate your likely depreciation deductions on the go 

BMT Rate Finder


Finds the effective life and depreciable rate of any plant and equipment asset (commercial or residential).

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Search for a depreciable asset’s rate and start claiming depreciation today.

BMT Resi Rates


Finds the effective life and depreciable rate of plant and equipment assets for residential properties which can assist with disputes over damaged assets and maintenance and replacement scheduling.

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Find the depreciable rate for any residential property asset

BMT Construction Cost Calculator


Estimates a range of construction costs for any new development including the site works, building margins and basic landscaping.

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Estimate the construction cost for a property

BMT Rep Cost Calculator


Estimates a replacement cost range for residential buildings. Includes the cost to rebuild, demolition and removal of debris.

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Download BMT Rep Cost today and get a replacement cost estimate for your property