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Common questions from tenants

Q: What is depreciation?
A: As buildings and plant and equipment assets age, they decline in value or depreciate. Investment property owners are able to claim this depreciation as a tax deduction each financial year, by using a tax depreciation schedule.
Q: I own an investment property and haven’t had a depreciation schedule completed - do I need one?
A: As we say at BMT, every investment property benefits from a depreciation schedule to ensure that you’re claiming maximum returns. To find out more, request a quote today and have one of our experts contact you shortly.
Q: Why do you need access to my home?
A:  For BMT to complete a comprehensive tax depreciation schedule it is necessary to physically conduct a site inspection to measure, photograph and assess the assets installed for depreciation purposes. Photographs of assets do not include any personally identifiable information, and do not form part of the report supplied to your Landlord. In the event of an audit, photographs may be supplied to the Australian Tax Office. 

Thank you for allowing our site inspectors to enter your home or place of business to conduct a depreciation schedule inspection. It has been much appreciated by us and your Landlord.