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As a property investor, you and your team are already juggling several things all at once. From managing tenants, the property’s ongoing maintenance requirements and everything in between.


MyBMT is here to help managing all-things property investment and depreciation. So, if you have ever ordered a BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule, don’t forget to activate your MyBMT account today. It makes managing your depreciation and investment property easier than ever before.

What is MyBMT?

MyBMT is an innovative portal developed by BMT Tax Depreciation. It is a central location for your BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule.

However, storing, sharing, requesting a quote and ordering your BMT Tax Depreciation Schedule aren’t the only things MyBMT can do. In fact, it helps you do so much more to assist you throughout your property investment journey.

MyBMT features

Firstly, MyBMT makes tax time easier.

You can track property income and expenses, upload files, photos and receipts to share with your accountant and wider property investment team. This means there’s no need to keep stacks of paper or rushing around last minute at tax time. Australian Taxation Office (ATO) reports prove that the amount of expenses an investor can claim each year can be in the tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s key to ensure you claim everything you’re entitled to.

If you’re looking to buy your next investment property, MyBMT also helps with your property search and market research.

With features such as PropCalc and a Research and Insights tool all within the platform, you can save time while consolidating your ongoing investment strategy. Whether you’re searching for your first investment property or looking to build your existing portfolio, these features can make the process easier and help you find the perfect property.

The PropCalc feature of MyBMT allows you to calculate the after-tax holding costs of any property, view current market data, see nearby planning applications and generate a valuation for your existing property. You can easily compare different properties with PropCalc as it allows you to store property reports with the expected cashflow information.

You can also arrange a variety of insurance quotes through the MyBMT Portal and access property titling information. BMT Insurance uses comprehensive construction cost data to make sure you have the accurate level of insurance for your investment property. Landlord, home and contents and motor vehicle insurance are just some of the policies that BMT Insurance offers.

How much does MyBMT cost?

So, what’s the cost of having all this information at your fingertips? Absolutely nothing!

MyBMT is a free tool available online and as an app to ensure that you can manage your investment property and depreciation needs with ease. BMT Tax Depreciation is always updating the portal so you have the best experience possible and is committed to providing you with timely insights.

Start managing your investment property with ease with your free MyBMT account today. You can activate your MyBMT account by visiting